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A) People who have this fear were usually victims of bad training for their SATs -- or didn't train at all for them.

Taking the LSAT is a skill set like any other. It can be taught -- and learned. Our training model -- learning the principles and the "Formulas," personalizing and them repetitively implementing the techniques -- is highly effective for nearly everyone.

Don't forget, in the independent survey of our students that was conducted in 1998, nearly 90% of our students went up at least 5 points, enough to double or triple your odds of acceptance at a given school. And 48% went up ten points or better -- enough of an increase to jump you two or even three TIERS of school. And that was in 1998 -- the Course has been through THREE upgrades since then! In 2003, less than 1% of our students failed to increase at all. Nobody is "hopeless."