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A) The video Lessons are not the downgrade that people would reasonable expect.

In fact, because the videos are MORE comprehensive, detailed, and thoroughly explained -- no time limits on the videos, the way there are in live classes -- many people PREFER the video learning, especially to review parts of Lessons that they want to hear again.

Not only can you see videos at YOUR convenience, rather than when the live classes happen to be scheduled; not only can you view them in bits and pieces, instead of all at once; you can even SPEED UP or SLOW DOWN the video Lessons, with our variable-speed VCRs, and still understand everything, thus learning everything at your own pace.

No, the videos cannot be checked out. We trust you - but we don't trust your skanky neighbors. Most of the LSAT 180 Course is industry unique, developed at great expense over many years. We have already caught one employee of a mass-market firm trying to take our Course! We intend to keep it our own intellectual property.