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A) Prices are generally $85 for each 1/2-Lesson (ie, Arguments I, Passages I, etc), though there are exceptions (Logic I and Logic II come together for $125; same for Passages II and Passages III). The price entitles you to infinite access of that particular Lesson, both live and on video, so you can attend or view over and over again at no extra charge; you're paying for access to information, not for time.

Participation in live PracTests can be had for $25 per test, plus the cost of the test book if you don't already have it (you're welcome to bring your own copy if you wish). We also sell packages of 5 PracTests for $100 -- buy four, get the fifth free.

The "Puzzles-Plus" program includes Lessons 1B, 2B, 3A, 4A, and 5B, totaling about 13 hours of live-class time and/or over 18 hours of video-Lesson time, PLUS the PreTest, MidTerm and MidTerm review, Final and Final Review, and participation in as many PracTests as are running that semester. "Puzzles-Plus" comes with the same free-repeat guarantee, and a money-back guarantee that your Puzzles score will actually increase if you fulfill all requirements and take the exam on the date originally trained for.