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A) When people ask about tutoring instead of the course, it's usually because they've already taken another course and not seen their desired increase. But that's not because it was a course -- it's because it wasn't the LSAT 180 Course. TestWell's LSAT 180 Course is not only far more effective, it's also far more personalized and individualized than any other in the industry, and succeeds where traditional courses fail. The LSAT 1890 Course usually addresses student needs much more effectively, as well as efficiently, than exorbitant one-on-one tutoring packages.

There are exactly three types of people better served one-on-one than in our Course.

1) People whose needs are so strictly limited that it makes no sense to do the full 45 hour Course only to address the few hours of material personally necessary. Unless you're already scoring above 170, that's not likely to apply to you.

2) People who have a demonstrated history of working better in a one-on-one learning environment. If this one applies to you, we'd be delighted to set up a personal study plan with an individual Instructor.

3) People with trust-fund levels of wealth. Instructors with the skill sets necessary to teach for TestWell are not inexpensive. Unlike the so-called "experts" who teach for other firms, who may have scored as low as 162 (if they've ever taken a real LSAT at all), and who often have no prior teaching experience, TestWell instructors have all scored in the 172-180 range, have at least two years of teaching experience, have passed our most-rigorous-in-the-industry audition, and have been extensively trained by TestWell. This reflects itself in hourly rates that, while they are often less than those of other firms with less-qualified instructors, are still considerable.