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A) The "Free Test'n'Class" events are flyered at their respective schools, and, if we have enough advance notice, listed on the "Free Events" pages of this website.

But a trial run through the first half of Lesson 1 can always be arranged. You do have to be fully enrolled before the start of the class, but if you bail at the half-way mark, your tuition is fully refunded, with no holdbacks. For sitting the whole of Lesson 1, normally $250 of tuition paid is withheld from refunds, so this is a pretty dramatic offer. However, we're so confident that the dramatic superiority of our material and techniques will be obvious even in just one-half of one Lesson. Seems to work, too; in seven years of offering that deal, only two people who sat the first half of Lesson 1 have failed to stay the full Course.