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A) We charge about the same or less (MUCH less in the case of Sliding-Scale eligible students) than the mass-market firms for a course that costs us MUCH more to run. We pay our instructors nearly THREE TIMES what the mass-market firms pay; we have nearly TWICE as many instructional hours.. and that's before we even add in the live PracTests! Plus, we give many more REAL LSAT exams in the materials packs. Yet we charge the same or less to take the course.

The difference is partly in marketing. The big firms spend -- this is not an exaggeration -- more than a million dollars annually in regional marketing for the Boston area ALONE. We spend.. nothing.

Our students learn about us almost exclusively through word of mouth. So if you're lucky enough to know someone who's taken our course, you'll hear how great it is. And if you know one of the many students who have taken both our Course AND someone else's, you know how much BETTER we are.

If you don't know anyone like that, it's no surprise you've never heard of us before. But if you call anyone you know at Harvard, or Wellesley, or Brown, or any other highly competitive school in the Boston area, they'll probably have at least heard of us.