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A) The actual amount of increase is bell-curved, with the average increase in 1998 independently-verified at 9.5 points. Since then, we've upgraded the Course three times, and the average increase reported in by students in 2002 was 10.7 points (32% reporting) -- but we can't base our advertising on that number, since it has not been independently verified.

For you personally, the best indication of the increase you're probably capable of is the difference between where you're scoring right now, and your SATVerbal Predictor score.

Whazzat? Well, your own SATverbal, converted into LSATs as a one-to one match, is the best indicator of what you're probably capable of scoring -- at a MINIMUM.

That is, you take your own SATverbal, lose the "0" at the end, throw a "1" onto the beginning, and voila, you've got your own minimum LSAT scoring capability -- WHEN fully and properly trained.

So an SATverbal of 580 would mean you should be able to score AT LEAST a 158 -- and hopefully better. An SATVerbal of 620 means you're shooting for at least a 162. And an SATVerbal of 710 means we're looking for a 171 -- or more.