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A) With our "Sliding Scale" Tuition Plan, we're more aligned with students who want to change the world than the ones who are in it for the money.

But if your eventual salary is even part of your motivation to go to law school, you might want to take a look at this chart here. Obviously, the higher your LSAT score, the more competitive a law school you can attend. And, generally (there are exceptions), the more prestigious the school you attend, the higher the starting salary you can earn as a graduate -- and the more doors will open for you, regardless of pay.

We've actually calculated the dollar value of one additional right answer on the LSAT. Are you ready? It is -- at the barest minimum, and making worst-case assumptions all the way -- $30,000. We're not kidding; we show the calculations in our Lesson 7. You can expect, at the very worst, one more right answer on the LSAT to get you, over the course of a lifetime's earnings, at least $30,000 in additional income.

Our students, on average, currently go up about 11 points, or close to 20 more right answers.

Suddenly $1198 doesn't look like so much, does it?