The Strongest Guarantees in the Business!

If you train with The Course, we guarantee that your score will go up, or your tuition will be refunded (details below). No other LSAT Course anywhere has ALWAYS come with this simple, basic guarantee.

Other courses have guarantee policies that are continually changing. For instance, the biggest and best-known firm in the industry had a money-back guarantee for several years in the early 90's. They spent millions of dollars promoting it. Then, quietly and with no fanfare, it went away. Then it came back again -- but in only two states -- Massachusetts and Rhode Island. (Funny -- those are just the states where WE run classes! Coincidence? Who knows?) Now, of course, they have a money-back guarantee everywhere again.

But consider this: do you want to spend hundreds of dollars, and many hours of hard work, taking an LSAT Course, only to see your score stay the same, and get your money back? Does that sound like something you'd like to do? We hope not. And, to be perfectly frank, we don't want to refund your money any more than you want to get it back. That's why we'll work so hard, and give you the proven most-effective Course training anywhere -- to ensure that your score really will go up.

The real value of a money-back guarantee is this: the willingness of a firm to refund your money is an indication of the amount of confidence they put in their own service. We've ALWAYS given EVERY ONE of our students a 100% money-back guarantee because we've ALWAYS had absolute confidence in the effectiveness of our Course. And with a refund rate among our students in all 2002 Courses of just 1.7%, that confidence is clearly warranted.

Pay once, learn twice -- or thrice -- or more.

We also have the most extensive "free repeat" guarantee in the industry, lasting over a full year with unlimited re-take options. Our "free-repeat" guarantee is not a fall-back position, or a "just-in-case." Since many people find that fully and properly training the LSAT takes more time and effort than they had expected, we urge you to take full advantage of our industry-unique full-year unlimited free repeat. You may start training up to a year and several months in advance of your expected test date, and have UNLIMITED live or video lesson and PracTest attendance for that entire year -- all at no additional cost, and with no hidden charges whatsoever.

Here are the details of the most extensive "Free-Repeat" Guarantee anywhere, and of the ONLY money-back guarantee that's ALWAYS been there... and always will be:

  1. If you complete all course requirements (attend all the lessons, either live or by video make-up; take and submit for Personal Performance Analysis the PreTest, MidTerm, and Final exams; attend the MidTerm and Final Reviews, either live or by video make-up; complete and turn in all required WorkBook assignments; and attend and participate in at least four full REAL-LSAT Practice-and-Review sessions -- the PracTests) and your score on the real exam taken on the test date for which you originally trained is not higher than your Starting Score*, we will fully refund your tuition.
  2. If your score is higher, but lower than you desire - or if you choose not to take the exam or to cancel your score from the exam (in other words, for any reason at all) -- we will give you a free retake of The Course for any (or all) of the next four exam dates. (Replacement or updated materials may be charged for at our cost.)
  3. If you inform us in writing that you are withdrawing from The Course, we will refund a portion of your tuition (materials costs are non-refundable after the Course start date) according to the following schedule, dated from TestWell’s receipt of your e-mailed or hard-copy-mailed notification of withdrawal:
If you have attended, viewed or passed the date of: Your refund will be:
PreTest Only
Full refund (except for sold-out classes -- deposit may be retained)
PreTest Computer Analysis all but $50 (except for sold-out classes -- deposit may be retained)
Lesson One
all but $150
Lesson Two
all but $300
Lesson Three
all but $450
Lesson Four
all but $600
Mid-Term all but $650
Lesson Five
no refunds can be issued

* Your Starting Score is any real exam score you earned before taking The Course, or your score on our “Before Picture” exam if you’ve never taken a real exam.
Refund requests must be made within 30 days of the real exam’s score release date.