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Training for the September 2016 and beyond LSATS

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How LSAT180 Raises Your Score: A sample schedule

Analyzed REAL LSAT 1“Before Picture” The “Before Picture” is a REAL LSAT that you’ll take to provide a context for everything you’ll learn in the Course. Your work on the PreTest will also generate an extremely detailed 20-page Personal Performance Analysis®, which will let you see exactly what you’re already doing the LSAT way, and what you’re not yet -- and how. Your report will include breakdowns of the specific types of trap answers you fell for, and of the underlying analytic issues at stake -- the only such analysis in the whole test prep field.
L1 OverView I & Logic I In L1, you’ll learn why the LSAT is totally different from other exams, and the radically different approaches (and even basic ways of thinking) you’ll need to score much more. And, in the Logic Lesson, you’ll earn the “if/then”-type Formulas you’ll need to decode Puzzles’ “Rules,” and to answer “Inference” Questions – the single most frequent Q-Type in both Arguments and Passages.
L2Arguments I L2 will show you how to analyze LSAT Arguments – directly answering “Conclusion,” “Assumption,” and “Flaw” Questions, and laying
the necessary groundwork for answering all the 20+ other “Logical Reasoning” Question Types in later Lessons.
L3OverView II & Passages I & Logic II In L3A, we’ll preview the timing / pacing strategies that will guarantee you the most points in the least possible time. In 3B, the “Passages,” you’ll see why LSAT Passages are NOT “Reading Comprehension” -- and why treating them as if they were will slow you down and lose you points. You’ll learn a completely new way of reading, specifically designed for answering LSAT Passages Questions, and see the three ways the Questions tell you exactly where to find their answers. In 3C, the Logic II Lwill cover advanced Logical Formulas, and how Puzzle Rule Translations change in the context of specific Puzzles, meaning even more than they initially seem to.
L4 Puzzles I & Arguments II In L4A, we’ll give you an industry-unique, proven, powerful, and efficient step-by-step process for setting up and solving any LSAT Puzzle in up to 50% less time than mass-market course methods, plus shortcuts for attacking the 3 main Question Types (“Could,” “Must,” and “Cannot” Qs). You’ll also see pre-fab Puzzle Picture solutions to two of the most common Puzzle Types. In the Arguments L4B, you’ll learn the most efficient step-by-step process for tackling all Arguments Questions.
L5 Arguments III / Passages II & Arguments IV & Puzzles II In L5, you’ll see how you can answer any Argument or Passage Question either “forwards,” by identifying their answer, or “backwards,” by recognizing and eliminating the 12 identifiable categories of trap answers that are always used. You’ll also isolate and start to eliminate your own personal trap-answer weaknesses. The Arguments L5B will then show you the Formulas and tricks for answering 7 more major Question Types -- “Strengthening” & “Weakening,” “Explanation,” and “Reconciliation” Questions, plus the three different types of “Principle” Questions. In the Puzzles Lesson 5C, you’ll be given pre-fab picture solutions for the four next most commonly-tested Puzzle types: “Sorting,” and three different types of “Matching” Puzzles. Result: you’ll already know at least ½ of the Puzzles for your own actual LSAT.
Analyzed REAL LSAT 2 + Review“MidCourse Correction” The “Mid-Course” Correction is another full REAL LSAT that allows you to try out your new techniques and strategies in a full-length exam, with immediate Instructor Review and Q+A. Again, it will be computer-analyzed for you, so you can further build upon your initial attainments.
L6 Puzzles III & Passages III L6 covers the Formulas and tactics for the 3 most crucial Passages Question Types -- “Primary P.,” “Inference,” and “Detail” Questions -- and picture setups and tricks for solving for 3 more Puzzles types “Coding,” “#-Crunch,” and “Selection”). You’ll also learn industry-unique strategies that will get you more points in less time in both Puzzles and Passages, plus over a dozen specific LSAT 180 smart-guessing techniques (again available in no mass-market course or book) that will turn weak, random (20%) guessing into hi-probability (50-80%) guessing, earning you many extra points -- without even reading the Passage or finishing the Puzzles!
L7 Passages IV & Arguments V In L7, you’ll learn the Arguments’ timing-and-pacing strategies, and add 5 more major Question Types to your repertoire. In the Passages part, you’ll cover all the remaining 10 Question Types. You’ll also learn all the special reading tricks, the Question-Type Formulas, and the distinct timing/pacing strategies required for the brand-new (as of 2007) Double-Passage.
L8 Puzzles IV & Arguments VI In L8, you’ll learn all the remaining Arguments Question Types, and special tricks for the most complex and challenging “numeric” Arguments. In the Puzzles part, you’ll finish with all 6 remaining Puzzle Types, plus specific tricks for managing the very toughest types of Puzzles, ensuring that you get all possible point value, with zero waste of time.
Analyzed REAL LSAT 3 + Review“Dry Run” The “Dry Run” is a full-length exam, complete with an “experimental” section, to build your stamina, and allow for discovering areas for further point-building adjustments in tactics and strategy.
L9 Passages V L9 includes special tricks for using the Writing Sample to “sell” yourself to the law schools, and walks you through the exam day experience, so you’ll be fully prepared for its rigors. You’ll also have a review of the Course’s content and a complete study plan laid out for the remainder of your training process.



LSAT 180: The Course in Cambridge (Open to everyone)
PreTest / Free Test & Class
Sat June 25
Lesson 1
Sun June 26
Lesson 2
Tue June 28
Lesson 3
Sun July 3
Lesson 4
Tue July 5
Lesson 5
Sun July 10
Lesson 6
Tue July 12
Lesson 7
Sun July 17
Lesson 8
Tue July 19
Lesson 9
Sun July 24
Lesson 10
Tue July 26
Lesson 11
Sun July 31
Lesson 12
Tue Aug 2
MidTerm, MidTerm ReVue I

Sat Aug 6

MidTerm ReVue II
Sun Aug 7
Lesson 13
Sun Aug 7
Lesson 14
Tue Aug 9
Lesson 15
Sun Aug 14
Lesson 16
Tue Aug 16
Lesson 17
Sun Aug 21
Lesson 18
Tue Aug 23
Final, Final ReVue I
Sat Aug 27
Final ReVue II
Sun Aug 28

PLUS at least 12 more REAL LSAT PracTests, each w/ live-Instructor ReView and Q+A (Schedule TBD)

Provisional Schedule, subject to confirmation, extension
PracTest 1
Tue November 11
6 - 11pm
PracTest 2
Sat November 15
10am - 3pm
PracTest 3
Tue November 18
6 - 11pm
PracTest 4
Tue November 25
6 - 11pm
PracTest 5
Sun November 30
10am - 3pm
PracTest 6
Tue December 2
6 - 11pm

Testwell reserves the right to alter, add, or cancel class schedules to maintain teacher / student ratios.