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Beyond this page, our enrolled students will find two things.

1) Answers and explanations for about 2,000 REAL LSAT questions. We don't just explain why the right answers are right, either we show you how "LSAT 180" techniques help you get their answer, why the trap answers are wrong, and how not to fall for such answers next time. We even give you suggested pictures for the "Puzzles," notes and annotations on the Reading Passages, and a reminder of the relevant LSAT "Formula" for each question.

Don't forget, though at-home practice is never the same thing as taking a live, proctored exam and reading answers off a web page is no substitute for getting your own questions answered by a live Instructor. That's why "LSAT 180" students also get up to 16 REAL LSAT Practice-and-Review Sessions each semester each one a different REAL LSAT, administered under exam conditions, with a live Instructor for review and Q+A afterwards! Click here to see this semester's schedule.

2) Extensive, detailed, personalized analyses of our REAL LSAT PreTest, MidTerm, and Final exams plus up to 5 additional REAL LSAT Practice Tests. Each will show you graphically, and in numeric form, exactly what your're already doing the LSAT way, and what you're not -- AND the specific types of trap answers that you're falling for. This is the ONLY analysis in the industry with this level of detail -- permitting you to see what trap answers YOU need to avoid.

In the Arguments sections, you'll find 14 different Q-types; in the Passages, there are 6; and in the Puzzles, three different Q-types, and seven categories of Puzzle -- again, the most detailed breakdown in the industry. (Most Courses, for example, refer to four or five types of Argument Questions.)

With this information, you'll be able to fine-tune your performance more effectively and efficiently -- and watch your score grow from exam to exam.